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by Kate McClure 02 Feb 2023

Grow your business.  Make an impression.  Create a connection.

There are many reasons to either continue the act of corporate giving, or to make a start today!

Studies have shown that personalised gifting, either for new or existing clients, or for your own employees, creates and builds strong connections while making the individual feel valued.

Whether you are looking for a one-off gift, something ongoing, big or small, we can help!

Executing a well-crafted gifting strategy, whether it is client focused or your own staff, can be an effective way to build and strengthen relationships and grow your business.

When to gift

Individual Recognition.

Studies have shown that group acknowledgement can leave people feeling that their individual efforts were not recognised. Many businesses are changing tactics and demonstrating their appreciation for an individual’s contribution through thoughtful gift giving. A simple but thoughtful corporate gift, with a hand-written note, specific to the occasion, demonstrates the value the business places on their contribution.


Whether recruiting a new employee or acquiring a new client, it’s a wise investment to welcome a new team member or client with a thoughtful corporate gift. This type of gifting creates a connection with your business that tells the individual, they are indeed welcome and valued.

Our top five corporate gifting occasions.

  1. Welcome gift for a new client or staff member
  2. Thank-you gift to a presenter/lecturer
  3. Buying or selling a new home
  4. Employee birthday gift
  5. ‘Get well soon’ employee gift


Why invest in gifting

By including corporate gifting as an investment into the employee recruitment, retention, or acquisition of a new client, you will see the reward through, appreciation, dedication and favourable reviews. Employees and clients who feel appreciated stay with you longer and tend to go the ‘extra mile’.

Keep it personal

At Bundle + Twine we understand that you want to ensure your gift has that personal touch, and we offer complimentary hand-written note to accompany your thoughtful gift.

Make it happen.

Creating a successful gifting strategy is the first step. The next step is actually making it happen. That’s where we can help. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll make it happen. No more, thinking about saying thank you, make it happen.

A thoughtful corporate gift, goes a long way.

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